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Here we have a sunburst A-5, with my original peghead design. A solid performer, my A-5 mandolin is at home playing fiddle tunes, jazz or classic arrangements, as well as being no slouch when it comes time to "chop" that big Bluegrass rhythm. Many years ago, I overcame the problem of where to place the shoulder strap on an A style mandolin so it would hang as balanced as it naturally does on an F style mandolin, and I did so by incorporating the strap into the design of the mandolin itself. We can either affix a  short noose as pictured below for you to tie your strap on, or you can feed the end of your strap into the supported hole, and tie it off inside the mandolin, by pulling it from one of the soundholes, tying a good knot. Simple, effective, and completely out of the way of the player's left hand. Pictured here is a full size pickguard, but a smaller abbreviated 'guard is also available. The metal tailpiece has also been replaced today, by a custom made 2 piece tailpiece with a carved wood cover.




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