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Where do I begin describing the OM/D? A simple idea brought forth by my friend and guitar playing and repair colleague, Bryan Kimsey. Bryan's idea was simply for me to build a OM sized guitar, specifically for flatpicking and Bluegrass players. He suggested softening the curves of the waist and upper bout to make it appear more dreadnought-like at the same time. After hacking up a perfectly good prototype while testing many ideas and directions, the end results are what we all know today as the "OM/D"! Today, my biggest, most popular seller, and for good reasons; as powerful as my Dreadnoughts, yet often with even more projection, while retaining the fast, instant response of a smaller bodied guitar. A true "banjo killer" if there ever was one! And of course, all the comfort of an OM! We didn't add depth to the sides, which would make the guitar feel like a larger bodied guitar; the softened waist and upper bout area does add some internal volume, but this guitar's voice comes mainly from its carbon fiber and spruce laminated bracing, the shape and pattern of which has been arrived at by careful engineering and much R&D work by Bryan and myself. Pictured below is a red spruce topped, Cocobolo OM/D, but as always, endless wood combinations and models are always available.


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