Guitar Making!


Ever wonder how a hand built guitar is made? We'll be doing a step by step buildup over on these pages.


___ On the left is the view of Big Nellie Lake from the front of my shop in mid December, and to the right is the Black Spruce forest in early fall, which is directly across the road, behind us. A nicer, calmer, more fitting setting in which to build great instruments, I could not imagine! Although it may be cold out, inside the shop are two natural gas furnaces, providing all the warmth and climate control in which to assure the proper climate for instrument building. This enclosed micro-climate means we can build all instruments, and store all of our wood, at just the perfect temperature and humidity, ensuring stability in the final product.

Well, we've finally begun! Go here to follow the buildup of a custom dreadnought guitar. The guitar in most of these pages will be given away in June of 2004 in the "Dreadnoughts Unlimited" scholarship draw. I'll post information of how/where tickets to this draw will be available, shortly.



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